Travel without flying

As a pioneering airline KLM looked for a new way to connect with its audiences. The Royal Dutch Airlines company wondered: would it be possible to give people a travel experience without flying them to a destination? This challenge stimulated creativity. The outcome is 'The Journey’. A podcast about trips that changed everything.

The power of travel

The underlying strategy is build on these four pillars.

Communication as an experience
KLM’s brand purpose is ‘Moving your world by creating memorable experiences’. The airline brings this into daily practice by flying its clients to worlds most special places. But what if the communication itself is memorable? We aimed for a high-quality production that gives listeners an immersive listening experience.

Increase brand visibility
For the first time KLM is visible in channels and on platforms where it never was before. This allows the brand to connect with audiences in new environments and markets.

Addition to existing channels
In its marketing communications mix KLM has already a lot of content in place that shows the beauty of destinations. But content that shows how valuable and inspiring travel can be on an individual level, was less present. So, stories that focus purely on the power of travel have an enormous potential.

Underscoring brand values
‘The Journey’ does not only match KLM’s brand purpose, it also underscores KLM’s pioneering spirit. Worldwide the podcast is developing at a very high pace. KLM was able to show it true colours by embracing this new and innovative way of storytelling in an early stage.

From Alaska to Kenya

'The Journey' tells true stories from people who talk about a journey that has changed their lives forever. The first series consists of six episodes, each lasting about half an hour. The series takes listeners the icy plains of Alaska, the hectic streets of New Delhi and the remote inlands of Kenya. These are the decors of the journeys made by the main characters.

The podcast has a very high production value. The in-depth interviews are carefully edited to create a dramatic arch. An experienced host ensures the consistency of the story. To enrich the listening experience, the spoken word is supported with atmospheric sounds and an original soundtrack.

Campaign & distribution
Raising awareness and visibility

‘The Journey’ is available on all major podcast platforms, like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Play. The main goal was to send listeners to these platforms, where the can listen and subscribe to the podcast. We set up a campaign and distribution strategy to raise awareness. An overall approach ensures the use of owned, paid and earned media.


In the weeks after the launch media worldwide reported about KLM’s podcast. The free publicity underscored KLM’s pioneering spirit and so it helped to establish the brand value of innovation.

Since the launch in March 2018 the listeners base grows on a constant level. The vast majority of listeners subscribe to the channel. With the distribution of every new episode, this results in more downloads because subscribers get new episodes directly pushed to their device.