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iFly KLM inspires passengers between flights, by providing them reasons to travel (with KLM). Reaching 10 million readers in more than 40 countries. With an incredible amount of exciting content, iFly KLM offers something for everyone. From general inspiration to help find your next destination, to specific tips and insights about the place you’re traveling to.

Choice of airline is often driven by price and convenience, so building loyalty is key to customer retention. There can be long gaps between flights however, that challenges the relationship. iFly KLM was originally created to strengthen the connection between KLM and their customers and inspire them to choose KLM next time they fly. Doing more than simply push sales and offers. iFly KLM has always been in it to engage and build an emotional bond.

New approach
From editions to selections

Since 2009 more than 50 editions and hundreds of beautiful stories were published (and carefully archived). And every day new stories are added, opening a world of opportunities. The majority of our stories is timelessly relevant, but we were unable to shed enough light on what we’ve made before. It was time to move iFly KLM towards a new and dynamic platform. So next to our regular editions, we created Selections. Themed

magazines, built around a country, city, interest or time of year. Distributed through different channels to reach new targeted audiences, connect even better with specific customer journey phases (orientation, booking confirmation and anticipation) and to enforce global commercial communications (supporting campaigns). Extending the lifetime of our content and increasing our relevance for our (new) audiences.

So many places to discover, thrills to experience and people to meet. These are our favorite travel stories.

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From cycling along the fjords to descending canyons: we will inspire you to take an active holiday.

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Join us on a trip packed with spirituality and adventure to the continent of dynamic cities and serene temples.

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Discover the greatest spots of Rotterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem and Amsterdam in this Holland edition.

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Whether this is your first visit or your tenth trip, being bored is simply not an option in the Big Apple.

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Made any plans for 2018 yet? How about an eco-stay in the jungle? Or a city trip to charming Montreal?

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Smartly designed
Every visit is an experience

iFly KLM content is highly visual and interactive. Bright and compelling images are used to accentuate destinations, with snappy and suggestive features. The responsive lay-out doesn’t distract from the never-ending content; there’s always something new and relevant awaiting at the bottom.

Surprising content

iFly KLM has been sharing travel stories for almost a decade now. We have been blessed with the digital revolution, making it possible to constantly renew our way of telling stories. What never changed is our ambition to advertise our belief that the world is a wonderful place to discover, best experienced with the people we love.

Smart publishing platform
Fast, flexible,

iFly KLM is built upon a modular structure. Interactive modules and tiles can be layered into perfect combinations, so each story or selection can fit one targeted group. This extends the engagement time and intensifies the user experience. That in turn leads to more brand awareness, conversion to KLM and more repeat visits.

The custom built publishing platform produces high-end content driven experiences. In 2017 we’ve released 21(!) editions and selections.

The results

Enter Selections!

In 2017 we published no less than 21 editions of iFly KLM, adding 12 new Selections to our extensive library (that now consists 22 thematic Selections). All editions combined, we broke the 4 million barrier. Our best year ever in terms of visitors, page views and average reading time.