The challenge

The fiftieth edition of iFly KLM Magazine was a perfect excuse to raise the bar, again. We wanted it to be a wonderful present to our readers. Clean as a whistle. Providing multiple smiles. Extending current bucket lists. And yes, you’re right, we were in for something out-of-the-ordinary too.

The idea

The idea was simple. We collected fifty of the most breath-taking places on earth that we believe were worth traveling for and presented them in one big, immersive experience. In the early stages of the concept, we referred to the project as ‘the symphony’. That’s exactly how it turned out to be.

  • We created a harmonic experience without any distractions.

  • With tastefully animated transitions seducing you to keep scrolling.

  • With getting-you-there content. Listen up. This is New Orleans, man!

  • And, no exaggeration here, photography that makes you wanna board, immediately.

  • An image-driven canvas-like overview. From fifty to one in a heartbeat.

  • With auditive context: just hear this Yellowstone Ranger out.

  • A 360-take on Amsterdam. Sailing through the canals, of course.

  • And we didn’t forget the provider of all things beautiful.

  • Our readers were also able to unlock extra stories.

  • Or participate in a competition, to win tickets to your favorite destination!

  • Whenever relevant, we’d connect KLM’s products and services to our content.

  • And we know everybody likes it full-screen.

The results

iFly 50 breaks all records

We got the results we hoped for. Did we welcome more readers? Yes! We saw an increase of 132%, over 598.000 readers enjoyed iFly50. Were we able to engage them longer? Yes! The average reading time was 7:04 minutes, an increase of 119%. Did our readers share their experiences? Again, yes! Social engagement increased with 955%. To top it all, with our fiftieth edition we welcomed our 10 millionth reader.