The Challenge

For more than a decade we have been inspiring people to travel with KLM. Knowing inspiration is not reserved for one specific moment in time or to be consumed on one specific medium, we have always pushed to inspire in a variety of different formats, moments, media and devices. We’ve always wanted to explore VR for iFly KLM. And this year, we went for it.

The Strategy

Even though VR is a rapidly growing business, the majority of our audience has no designated goggles or viewers yet. We love exclusivity, but we firmly believe in access. That’s why we built both a VR experience and a web experience. Next to that it’s more sustainable because of our serial approach. We believe that the relatively unexplored terrain of 360 storytelling would be fantastic for us, as travel inspirators. Therefore we build the iFly360 project as a serial format.

The Idea

Our experience had to be a full dinner and an appetizer at the same time. We’re still in the business of inspiring people to travel themselves. We wanted a linear story, led by an adventurous protagonist, following up on an exciting bucket-list desire, that would allow our audience to really co-experience the events. At the same time allowing them to take a breath during the experience, and look around for themselves.

The Stories

We teamed up with Kiran Jethwa, The Fearless Chef. In the first episode we flew to Thailand and chased the story of finding and drinking Black Ivory Coffee, the most expensive coffee in the world. From there we on went to Hawaii to explore Hawaiian culture and to go shark diving. Kiran leads the way, but mind you, you’re following in his footsteps.

The Design

The design is made to scale and focuses on mobile. Your browser becomes a little window into a different world. We wanted that window to be particularly clean, content needed to be full-screen, crystal clear, in all the right proportions and with all the right focus points. It shouldn’t influence the user experience whether you’re going vertical or horizontal. Additional navigation is kept really minimalistic, elegant and smart.

The Results

The Results In the first two weeks we managed to reach more than 11 million people via social media and welcomed more than 300.000 unique visitors who spent an average of more than 6 minutes in our 360 experience. 42% of all visitors subscribed for upcoming episodes, making it a successful and encouraging launch.