speelfilmpjes platform

An inspirational video platform made for and by kids


When we were kids, we used to play with LEGO for hours. Nowadays, youngsters still fancy the colorful bricks, but they spend a large part of their time playing with phones, tablets and laptops. And they use those devices to watch videos of other kids playing, instead of having fun with their own toys. Born05, and LEGO responded to this trend with the launch of the Speelfilmpjes Platform (Movie Platform), aiming to make more children a LEGO fan.


The Speelfilmpjes Platform is a response to a growing trend among children. By offering them a podium with unique user generated content, it succeeded in making more kids (and parents) LEGO fans. And by inspiring and challenging them to make their own movies, we’ve triggered children to play with LEGO, online and offline. Furthermore, because the platform involves the fathers and mothers too, it connects the whole family with LEGO and Resulting in more engagement with those brands, a big boost in LEGO’s popularity and valuable customer insights.


The Speelfilmpjes Platform is an inspirational video/contentplatform made for and by kids. It’s filled with inspiring, user generated content in the form of videos created by other children. This encourages youngsters to play with LEGO and it triggers them to take part in the challenge of making their own LEGO video – definitely one of the coolest and most entertaining features of the platform.

Making prize-winning movies

Because not all kids (and parents) know how to make an impressive movie, The Speelfilmpjes Platform provides how-to-videos in which vlogger Mike enthusiastically explains how to be a little Spielberg. For instance, by offering tips about camera angles and lighting. There’s also a script generator that helps kids with thinking up a nice scenario and there are downloadable sound effects and various (moving) backgrounds to really make a prize-winning movie. And when it’s ready, it’s up to the parents to check and approve the video. If it’s okay, it can be shared on the platform for other kids to enjoy.

The world of LEGO

The Speelfilmpjes Platform is filled with tons of inspiration, in the form of user generated content and in the shape of brand pages, introducing kids to the rich and varied worlds of LEGO.

A win-win-win situation

To give the Speelfilmpjes Platform a jump start, organized a special afternoon at its HQ for parents and children, inviting them to make LEGO videos on the spot. The resulting movies were used to fill the magazine with a big batch of unique user generated video content, to inspire other kids to make a movie as well.

This has resulted in a unique stream of content that appeals to children and motivates them to play with LEGO, leading to a win-win-win situation for kids, parents and the and LEGO brand.

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