Relevant inspiration increases sales

In the weeks leading up to Christmas almost a million people from The Netherlands and Belgium visited one special place: the ‘Christmas House’. An online content hub with a real-life Christmas mansion built in just two months. The Christmas House played a big part in the Christmas campaign of Holland's biggest online store,, ‘the Dutch Amazon’.

We filled the house with magical content that not only strengthened the brand, but also increased awareness and inspiration around its products, increased the purchase intent and average value per customer.

Right place, right time, right feeling

Data shows that most consumers use with a specific product in mind and most of the time only purchase just that item. But has so much more to offer. Especially in the holiday season. Besides gifts in all possible product categories, also offers decoration items, interior accessories, cooking equipment, games and other entertainment. So the main assignment was: showcase this immense product range and entice customers to buy more.


Content marketing in its richest form

We've created a complex content strategy that answered a vast array of requests.

The journey towards Christmas

All content was relevant for a wide spectrum of customers (in Holland and Belgium), was linked to the immense product portfolio and answered customer needs and search queries in the journey towards Christmas; from the orientation phase to the actual point of sales. But at the same time all stories and content angles had a powerful effect on social media. They really stood out from ‘normal’ commercial ads and posts. Inspiration before sales!

Customer relevance

The content program was based on insights using big data and shopping trends. They were linked (and tailored) to the product categories and aimed at its specific target audiences and their different customers journeys.


'Live' from the
Christmas House

The ‘real’ Christmas House consisted of three floors, with a cozy living room, a fully operational kitchen, a bathroom with a working tub and toilet, a bedroom and an attic for the kids. It even featured a garden full of sparkling Christmas lights and paraphernalia.


One of our main challenges was to translate the magical ambiance of the Christmas house and TV commercial into an online platform. We achieved this by adding a dynamic 3D intro animation (and some extra snow) to the homepage and next to that by producing all the content in the Christmas House itself. Every video and picture you see was produced by us. A perfect content mix to be distributed to audiences across the Netherlands and Belgium. No stock images, but authentic content.


We wanted to give the house a ‘live’ vibe and did so with numerous special guests like famous TV chef Wim Ballieu, TV stylists Emilie & Sabine, ‘foodies’ Vivian Reijs and Véronique Leysen, popular vloggers The Blonde Tigers and Joardy Film and FIFA e-sports champion Koen Weijland. All these influential personalities helped to create a bigger reach to the online platform, by reposting our content to their own channels and followers.


Smart targeting

The online platform (online for 1 month) was the central hub for all inspirational stories, over 80 minutes of videocontent and 13 original photoshoots. This enormous mix provided us with an array of assets that were smartly distributed to all different target audiences via various channels. We also came up a with some totally new activation ideas. For instance, we ‘listed’ the house on Holland’s biggest real estate site and placed a real-life Christmas House snowglobe on one of Holland’s largest Christmas fairs.


Content pays off

The Christmas House was a huge success. Especially for Dutch/Belgian standards, where the potential market isn’t endless. The project attracted, engaged and activated more customers than prognosed. And more importantly, boosted’s Christmas sales significantly.



The Dutch number one online retailer really showed (Christmas) ‘balls’ to join us in an elaborate and complex content marketing project, during the most important time of the year. A bold move that really paid off. The Christmas House is a perfect example of how a well-thought-out content strategy can inspire, engage and convert its targeted audiences.

And last but not least: for Holland and Belgium the Christmas House was a unique project. In terms of vastness and sheer numbers, but also because of its media mix, smart distribution and extraordinary content quality.

The Online Christmas House experience has been created by Born05 in close cooperation with:

Etcetera (Overall Christmas House concept)
Lukkien (Christmas House building and video production)
Virtue Worldwide (Specific content item production)
MEC (Media strategy)
Lewis PR (Marketing & PR)