Sints Cadeaumachine
The first ever digital wish list generator


21th century toy book

In Holland and Belgium paper toy books have always been the only places for toy manufactures to advertise their Sinterklaas presents. wanted to change this. Meet Sints Cadeaumachine. It’s the first online toy book / wish list creator. It offers toy brands a totally new, digital advertising channel, which made the project profitable from the get-go. Sints Cadeaumachine brings Sinterklaas into the 21st century, without losing its traditional look and feel.

Case story

Turning products into rich content

Sints Cadeaumachine is a brand utility that offers news ways of turning products into rich content. It’s packed with colorful pictures and videos of around 500 different toys. Kids swipe their favorite toys onto wish lists that are linked to their parents’ accounts. The chosen toys can be ordered in just a few mouse clicks.


Digitizing the gift process

Wish lists and toy books made from paper are really old fashioned. Kids nowadays prefer to use their tablet or smartphone to go and find their Sinterklaas gifts. So if you want to reach them (and their parents) you have to digitize the whole Sinterklaas gift process. This lowers the conversion threshold, provides insightful data on the toy preferences of kids and offers toy brands a totally new advertising channel.


Made by children

To make Sints Cadeaumachine as user-friendly as possible a totally new UX was designed. With the help of kids! Our design team first made a prototype of the website/app and then invited several groups of children from different ages to come and test it at our headquarters. The findings of the keen little developers were then implemented into the final designs and UX.

Brand pages

New ad model

In addition to the random feed of gifts in the Cadeaumachine (optionally filtered by age and gender) there are also several brand pages featuring participating manufacturers like LEGO®, Mattel, Jumbo and PLAYMOBIL®.

The real Sinterklaas

A totally new way of creating wish list can only be introduced by one man. And that’s Sinterklaas himself. Exclusively for Sints Cadeaumachine retired Sinterklaas, Bram van der Vlugt, did all the voice-overs. And so a long tradition continues; nostalgic but modern at the same time.


The results are from the moment of launch (mid October 2016) until the start of December 2016.