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It all starts with a good strategy

ING publishes a corporate digital magazine called: It appears four times a year on the day of ING’s quarterly figures and includes a video with the CEO to provide background and context around the financial results and strategic developments. With an innovative content strategy and clean design, the digital magazine informs and inspires readers, offering them the opportunity to read longer stories on any screen. Within the financial industry this way of communicating sets the benchmark.

Online magazine


In the world of online content, change comes quickly. To reconnect with readers, the magazine had to stand out in the corporate media landscape. Content must be disruptive and daring, as well as reliable and trustworthy. While the magazine still concentrates on ING, it also gazes outward by covering interviews with innovative thinkers who share new perspectives on economics and finance.

  • ING's CEO Ralph Hamers gives context to the quarterly figures in a personal video interview.

  • The magazine puts succinctly in a row what happened in the world of ING world previous quarter.

  • The in depth article Inside ING makes clear how the company anticipates important trends.

  • Independent and innovative thinkers of all kind are given a platform to present their surprising perspectives.

  • ING's chief economist Mark Cliffe looks forward to the next quarter and shares his insights in a regular column.

  • Extensive background stories describe important global trends and put them in the right context.

Smart, clean & understandable magazine interface

The interface for makes it almost impossible to get lost in the content: the cover doubles up the table of contents, leading directly to the underlying articles. The magazine presents content in a streamlined way: readers can now catch a glimpse of the next article at the conclusion of a story. This provides a quick overview of all content.

Optimized for every device is published as an online magazine and has a responsive design, enabling readers to view the content on all screens. The balanced and functional design makes it pleasant to read longer texts, without undermining the reader's experience. The careful use of animations, infographics and visual components makes inspirational and feel like a magazine.

sharp, thematicapproach

Each edition of has a set theme that refers to the ING strategy and is translated editorially into background articles analyzing major trends in society and applying them to the reader’s own world – and the world of ING. As part of the theme, an independent thinker is given a platform to present his or her perspective.

What about the results

The new digital magazine is an enormous success and surpasses all expectations. It is globally awarded by multiple institutions and sets the new benchmark for reports on financial figures.